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UC Recap – May 6 – May 11

This past Wednesday a tragedy befell Uptown. A fire in Harlem took the lives of 6 people, 5 of them were from the same family. The Pollidore family lost a mother, Andrea, and four of her children Nakyra (11), Andre (8), Brook-Lynn (6), and Elijah (4) in this devastating inferno, which is the deadliest fire in NYC since 2017. The Uptown Tweet of the Week goes out to Councilman Mark Levine for putting us on to the GoFundMe campaign for the Pollidore family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and donate what you can to help out an Uptown family in need. Remember the motto, Spread Love, It’s The Uptown Way!

Brunch season is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Time to dine and imbibe like you’re the proverbial prince of Zamunda. Enter Cove Lounge (325 Malcolm X Blvd), which recently introduced some stellar additions to their already impressive brunch menu. Chef Harold Breton works his magic and amazes with his wide-ranging culinary expertise for a solid brunch menu that is delectable, expansive and exudes authenticity. Check out our piece on Cove Lounge’s latest brunch offerings.

Anotha one. The latest installment in I Love My Hood’s Humans of the Hood series features boogie down producer Vett. Vett drops some serious gems about staying true to self and not chasing what is hot at the moment. As promised the first episode of the much-anticipated Tales of Washington Heights: Los 90s/The 1990s web-series is now available. Get familiar, familia.

Please hit up for a poem I conceived while I was at a resort in the Dominican Republic feverishly fiending for some Dominican food a few years ago. It is only so much “international food” one can eat, especially when you are on Dominican soil. It is a bit over the top with Shakespearean overtones but that is how I felt at the time. It is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, DR Travelogue.

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