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Cove Lounge in Harlem Provides Amazing Ambiance & Damn Good Food

It’s really a shame that more Manhattanites don’t take the extra 5-10 minutes and head up to Harlem to really see what’s up. This area is bustling with fantastic food and drink spots, with Cove Lounge definitely earning themselves a spot as a place to see and be seen, all while lounging, eating, drinking and enjoying a damn good night ahead.

The area of Manhattan can get either a little too sullen or way too hyped up and overcrowded to where you aren’t really sure if you are having that much of a great experience. Cove Lounge finds a good middle spot for that, as you dine on their wonderful Caribbean-inspired cuisine while enjoying some one-of-a-kind cocktails and jamming to a ton of old school tracks that bring me all the way back to my middle school days in the 90’s.

Conveniently located a block away from the 2/3 train at 125th Street, Cove Lounge also happens to be next to one of our other favorite restaurants in Harlem: Corner Social. If Corner is popping, so is Cove, especially in the culinary department as the food they gave me transported me to a whole other level and by level I mean out of NYC and into the islands.

The menu is a mixture of small and large plates, something that’s become a major trend in and out of New York City. Both options work, however if you are enjoying an intimate dinner for two, it’s best to order a bunch of dishes from the small plate options, as each one that me and my friend tried equate the whole vibe of what Cove Lounge is trying to sell.

Their Honey Sriracha Crispy Cove Wings were off the chain, so off I can’t find the damn chain. I’m a sucker for a good chicken wing, and the key to a good chicken wing for me is the flavor. Pairing honey with sriracha is a great duo, and it worked really slathered all over these tasty wings.

I’m also a sucker for a good crab cake, so their Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa also do the trick. The key here is the mango salsa, which adds a tropical and very fresh component to the mix. On the large plate side, however, do yourself a favor and order their award-winning Lobster Mac N’Cheese. 3 cheeses in total, 1 mouth to fit it into, and endless opportunities of happiness in each bite. SOLD!

Cove Lounge has also gotten into the Broadway spirit, as they’ve partnered with Once on this Island: The Musical, starring American Idol alumni Tamyra Gray and Norm Lewis! The partnership coordinated by Cove Lounge & Walker International Communications Group on behalf of Once on this Island will be available through Feb. 28 at Cove Lounge, where every Thursday one lucky Cove guest will win two tickets to the show! More information that here.

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