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Restaurant Review: Cove Lounge

Overall: A sexy relaxed restaurant and lounge featuring fabulous food and a laid back vibe.

It took years of planning and a brief stint on reality TV to get Cove Lounge up and running. Food Network Fans may recall the saga of owner Alyah Horsford-Sidberry from Bobby Flay’s 3 Days To Open. In the five years since the episode aired, Horsford’s Cove Lounge has gained a stellar reputation and loyal following within the community. Harlem isn’t just a trendy location for Alyah, she grew up there, for her Harlem is home. As a product of the suddenly trending neighborhood, Alyah is one of many long-time residents who hope to preserve Harlem’s Legacy. If you ever get the chance to chat with her you’ll find her brimming with hometown pride. Alyah is often at Cove Lounge, mingling with the customers and assisting the staff. “I have to keep an eye on it; it’s my legacy,” she says with a smile, “I hope to pass it on to my children one day”, Cove Lounge occupies premium space among some of Harlem’s most prestigious restaurants. “The location was a no brainer, she laughs,” It was actually opening that was hard. The show was a blessing. I learned a lot from the experience. I knew what I wanted but the show gave me the final push we needed to get the doors open.” In creating the menu Alyah drew on her own heritage for inspiration. “Half of my family is Southern and the other is from the Carribean. The menu is a combination of my two halves. The best of both worlds.” In creating the concept for the lounge, Horsford wanted a classy sophisticated dining experience. Cove Lounge was designed with lush furnishings and glittering chandeliers, hand picked by Alyah herself. The space is much larger than it appears from outside, boasting seasonal outdoor seating, a cozy dining room, a lounge in the rear with a VIP section and a lower level room with bar and Dj set up for private events. One of the biggest staples of their weeknight calendar is their Carribean Thursday’s featuring drink specials and sets by guest DJ’s. Before we could even consider enjoying the nightlife we had to sample some of the goodies from the kitchen.

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